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Hey everyone! 
I hope all is well thus far this 2015! :) 

I'm happy to say that this year I'll be filming with a Japanese Street Fashion Designer for three months and we are looking for additions to the show! Not only will you be another main cast member, but you'll be: Traveling with us, staying with us so SLUMBER PARTY!!, being a sub-guest for special events, wearing brand fashion, be on world wide television, and have fun!! 

This is what the advertisement says:

Do you attend Conventions? Interested in Cosplay, Lolita and/or Japanese Street Fashion? (Do you know nothing about, but are willing to learn?)

Award-Winning Cable Television company is casting for Models of all ethnicities, shapes, gender identifications, and sizes to join our existing Cast for a docuseries about a Fashion House that specializes in Living Doll and Japanese Street Fashion. THIS IS A PAID POSITION FOR A SOLD SERIES!!

You MUST be fun, outspoken with a BIG personality!

AGE: 21-30
GENDER: Male or Female (But you must be willing to wear dresses)
SIZES: We are open to all sizes, including Plus Size models.
LOCATION: Los Angeles Metro Locals ONLY

DIVERSE CASTING: All genders and nationalities strongly encouraged to apply.

Please send a still photo and a short video of yourself (you can shoot it on your cell) describing the following:
-Your relationship/interest/experience in Cosplay, Lolita, Japanese Street Fashion world.
-Your personality
-Why do you want to model for a Japanese Street Fashion designer?

For more informations or auditions, email video/video links to:


GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! I hope to see you as part of the cast! <3
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Hello everyone! 

Tokyo Status Halloween Special from October 18 was AWESOME!! Nerds Like Us host Bernie is the best MC we have had yet! Lonstermash, Dustbunny, and Ashi-Chan from Chocolate Covered Cosplay were such kind and fun special guest judges for our costume contest! So many amazing costume contestants signed up and Major Congrats to the 4 that won! Thank you PMX, Aniplex, Ninja-Con, and Lolita Dark for sponsoring the prizes for the winners! The bands: the terns, lolita dark, adam west the bat, and crying tiger were amazing and we were so happy to have them. Finally major thank you to the Terrace, Tokyo Status crew, and the volunteers! We are going to miss Takuro & May, everyone did such a great job making sure it was organized and was awesome! 

We are soon going to announce some news for the December Tokyo Status. If you are interested in vending or being a musical guest please don't hesitate sending me a note. :) 

Check out the website and facebook

I can't wait for upcoming events that I will personally be at:
Hanadoki Halloween I'll be doing makeup 
Comikaze Expo I'll be working at Deepcut Production
Pacific Media Expo
Mata Expo I'll be helping with dolldelight fashion show!
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Yes So Kute Creations is still going, nothing new planned for the future but what I have made I have made and they are for sale. 

Tokyo Status is Saturday October 18 2014 starting at 9pm. We have Nerds Like Us MC-ing this event, Guest Cosplay Judges Dustbunny, Lonstermash, and Ashi-Chan for the costume contest, 4 amazing bands, 3 amazing vendors, and tons and tons of people coming in costume!! Please check us out at Facebook/TokyoStatus and come to the October event!! Tickets are $10-$15. $15 is VIP which is limited and guarantees seating, pre-packaged snacks, and a passport for our future events! ^^ This is going to be the biggest one of the year and we hope you can join us!

Catfe!! Cat Cafe! Starbucks Petting Zoo is the simplest way to describe it. Catfe is officially a business supporter of Best Friends Animal Society! We will be selecting their shelter cats to have a happy home in Catfe once it's open, while also adopting them out from the cafe as well. NKLA is one of their affiliates and they are striving to push for a No Kill Los Angeles by the year 2017 and Catfe is going to be pushing for that goal right along with them! We seek to really change the way people view adoptions and cat care. As well as our original plan to work closely with the community to help spread this message and create a new wave of pet-conscious parents. We will also be hosting pet therapy nights for orphans and the elderly. As for the cats that will inhabit the cafe, they will be pampered pussies. Their health and happiness will be on the forefront of our operations. Anything health wise both physically and mentally shall be taken care of. 

This is just a smidget of what our Kickstarter says along with more information. We are shooting to become non-profit and are doing all we can to make our $250,000 Kickstarter goal to open up Catfe in Little Tokyo. Currently after our weekend of fun at the pop up location in Chinatown we have gotten to $13,003 which is double what we started with prior to the pop up. We still have a long way to go and we are hoping for nothing but love, support, and success. Please if everyone could donate even $1 and ask all their friends to donate $1 this would go a long way! Check out our Kickstarter and follow us on Facebook. We have 12 days left of the kickstarter and are doing what it takes to make this a reality.
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First off I want to say how thankful I am for everyone who has been with me through the thick and thin. 
I've gone through so much these past 3 years I just wanted to say thank you to those who may feel like I am ungrateful. I'm very thankful.

I was on Kababayan Today TWICE thanks to Cyril from dolldelight
I was on My Strange Addictions: Living Doll thank to Emily and Cyril 
I was on MYX I'm Asian American and... A Living Doll thanks to Cyril
I will also be on E! Society X thanks to Emily. 
I went to Anime Expo 2014 with an Industry badge thanks to Paula and Cyril
I've built two site: and soon to be 

I just filmed for a Music Video that will premiere at Anime California for Lolita Dark's "Wounded Angel" thanks to my sis Ray from Lolita Dark. I will also be going to Anime California thanks to her.
I am modeling for XENON shoppe and Shibuya ObsessionS thanks to Ray.
I am in charge of Marketing and Booking for Tokyo Status.
I will be going to Central Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, and Comikaze Expo thanks to Anthony from Deepcut Productions.

I also have a job in what I went to school for. I have a wonderful boyfriend and amazing family who have been so supportive when I had to go through therapy for my PMDD and Suicidal Depression.

All these amazing things and wonderful people have kept me going and I love and cherish them all. I recently turned 25 in July and have been freaking out about life and where I've gone and what I've done. The best way to get out of that mud is to list all the things you have done and list all the things you want to pursue. 

With all this said I will be at:

Capt Savvy's Nerd Night (August 8) (Will be in Costume)
Moon Crisis Masquerade (August 9) (Will Cosplay)
Tokyo Status - Rock with Ray (August 16) (Will be in Uniform)
Anime California (August 22-24) (Will Cosplay)
Central Coast Comic Con (Sept 12-14) (Will be in Uniform)
Long Beach Comic Con (Sept 27-28) (Will be in Uniform)
Tokyo Status - Rise from the Grave Halloween Party (Oct 18) (Will be in Costume)
Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo (Oct 31-Nov 1) (Will be in Uniform)
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Since everyone has been posting about getting ready for it I guess I will too lol

I am not going to be cosplaying but I will be wearing Dolldelight Fashion and I'm excited to say I will not be working at a booth but rather I will be running around and having fun! I am excited for the Sailor Moon and AoT panels. I am going to be visiting the booths in Exhibit Hall and Artist Alley. I am hoping to cosplay at least once, but for now I am going to be looking for bands, artists, vendors, and guests for Tokyo Status. :) 

I will also be working at the following
Tokyo Status (August 16)
Central Coast Comic Con (Sept 12-14)
Long Beach Comic Con (Sept 27-28)
Comikaze Expo (Oct 31-Nov 1)

More Cosplays, Conventions, and Special Events more to be announced. :)
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SO many things are happening in my life!!

I must say single life is tough at times, but it's also very awesome! Please don't try to hit on me, I've been seeing someone and I enjoy his company.

NEXT! I'm slowly getting back into singing. How does that work? I go to karaoke at bars where a buncha drunk people watch and sing along. It's so much fun! It is helping me with my performance anxiety. I can't wait to start writing stuff, but for now I'm learning how to play a special song for a special someone on the guitar. :)

I am still promoting Lolita Dark, Dig Jelly, Nylon Pink, and Jetpacks & Laser Guns. Those bands are awesome! I'm possibly taking time for a couple other artists I have stumbled upon and enjoy the sound of :3

I have started building a website for myself. Very standard and simple for now but as time progresses I'll have things up and hopefully it'll be super duper epic! >:D If you wanna check it out and follow the progress you are more than welcomed to do so :)

I also have a FB page

Cherry Blossom & Anime Festival!! The OG CB festival that was in Little Tokyo is no longer functional :(
But the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach and Ray (my gal pal) of Lolita Dark have collaborated with a few groups to do the festival in Long Beach. It's very different but I assure you it'll be SUPER AWESOME!!
Fashion Show, AMV Contest, Karaoke Contest, Cosplay Contest, Concerts, wicked Martial Arts demonstrations, kimono demonstration, etc. Amazing prizes provided by our sponsors Anime Expo, Anime Conji, Anime Jungle, Fairytale Boutique... just to name a few ;)

You can check out the website we built

register for the contests! SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE!! The more people know that CB hasn't died but has been relocated the better!!

April 6 is the date so ADD THAT TO YOUR CALENDAR!!
I will definitely be there (perhaps gonna participate in the karaoke contest) hehe

That's all on my end! I'll post the event page when CALB post the Cherry Blossom Event page of FB.
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Hey Everyone!!


...and Happy Holidays, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Halloween...etc...

I've been SO busy with work it's crazy!
I went from being jobless in in the beginning of 2012 to working at Bubba Gumps as a Visual Supervisor, Abercrombie & Fitch as an Impacter, Secretary for Source One Records, working with Lolita Dark, Jetpacks & Laser Guns, Dig Jelly and a few other bands, modeling for Dolldelight (when I'm not working), and now I'm working on focusing on myself!

I'll be working in Post-Productions soon as a PA, so I'll probably let go of a couple jobs...
Jetpacks & Laser Guns will be playing at Howl at the Moon in Citywalk THIS UPCOMING MONDAY Jan 14. $5 cover, 21+
$4 Vodka Drinks, $3 Howl Lager & $3 Kami Shots, Valet Parking will be $3 with validation from Howl.

They will also be playing at OC Music Revolution
Doors @ 7:30 PM / Saturday / 01.19.2013
3920 East Miraloma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92806, BLDG C.
11:00 PM - 11:45 PM

Saturday 1/26 Lolita Dark will be rocking out at 2nd Street Jazz for the Tune in Tokyo's Final Event at 2nd Street Jazz!! ages 15+ (ID required). There is a $10 cover charge, which includes a $5 drink ticket. 2nd Street Jazz is located at 366 E 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (at the corner of 2nd and Central in Little Tokyo).

For January I want to have done one Photoshoot and record one cover song at least. Immediately I have people offering help accomplish these goals and I am excited!!

I auditioned to be Mulan at the El Capitan for their run of Mulan, but I didn't know the audition was a dance audition. I don't dance hahaha. I stuck through it and didn't just say "". Yes I was the first to get cut, but I'm proud of myself for actually trying. I know another girl who auditioned and she got the part so I'm so happy and proud of her! Going to show some love and support too! <3

If you want to work with me please send me a note, if you wanna show some love and support you can follow me on FB

This concludes my first post of 2013 <3
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You read the title correctly!! Especially after the Fashion Show on Day 3 at Anime Expo 2012 her designs have been on high demand!! Right now she is selling her beautiful creations!!!

You can check out what she has on the Dolldelight Facebook and her shop site. She is also selling things out of her closet!!

Projects She has Made (Inquire about which is for Sale)

For Sale

Closet Sale

You can always inquire about custom projects as well!!
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Hi Everyone~

So This summer I have a few things planned.

I will be modeling for DollDelight at Anime Expo!! She is a lolita designer from the Philippines and she does an AMAZING job with all her work in rocket time!

Cyril Lumboy is a Fashion Guest of Honor!! :D

Saturday, June 30, 2012: Panel, LP2, 3:30 - 4:30 PM Panel
Sunday, July 1, 2012: Fashion Show, LP1, 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Please come, show some love, take tons of pictures, say hi!

In terms of Cosplay I would LOVE to get my Pocahontas fixed, Arice more fitted, and Songstress Yuna fixed...
Yeah I have a handful of cosplays, but they are broken or they don't fit right -_- If any of my friends want to help me out I'd be greatly appreciative :3

My birthday is also in July!! ^^ I'm so excited for the celebrations but not so much for the age (23 *cringe*)

I am hoping to volunteer for ComikazeCon. I am a fan of Stan Lee and Elvira.

I'm really hoping I'll have the $$ for my acrylic designs so that I can finally make hair clips, earrings, necklaces, and rings >w<
If you missed that post please refer back to here. If you can donate even $1 it's a lot of help!

ALSO!! If you are on Facebook please vote for my friend, Rayko, Lead Singer of Dig Jelly & Lolita Dark. She's currently running to model for Wicked Chambers Boutique. Please just follow this link to her picture and "LIKE" her picture!! Thanks!
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After lots of work and processing I have created a set of designs to convert into acrylic accessories. Now the hard part, funding. Just finished moving and have found all the designs.

As a result I want to make another move on So Kute Creations by providing new merchandise but I need your help. Those who donate will receive a complimentary product as a thanks for taking part in bringing the kute designs to life! If we make goal ALL donators will get a sneak peak of the designs MONTHS before the kuties are produced and released!

It's approximately $200 to produce the products.


PROGRESS: $1/$200 * That's a great start!! $1 can go a long way! ^^
Thank you pkthecat for taking the 1st step!! ^^

OPTION A ($5-9 Donated):
Set of FOUR (4) Stickers + set of FOUR (4) Postcards of the designs that are yet to be released + 'Thank You' Letter (Free Shipping) ($11 Value)

Complimentary 'Thank You' Letter + Name Credit on Donors Tab on So Kute Creations's Facebook, Twitter, Site, and Deviant Art + your choice of ONE (1) Acrylic Accessory prior to public release (Free Shipping) ($13 value)

Complimentary 'Thank You' Letter + Name Credit on Donors Tab on So Kute Creations's Facebook, Twitter, Site, and Deviant Art + your choice of TWO (2) Acrylic Accessory prior to public release (Free Shipping) ($26 Value)

Complimentary 'Thank You' Letter + Name Credit on Donors Tab on So Kute Creations's Facebook, Twitter, Site, and Deviant Art + your choice of THREE (3) Acrylic Accessory prior to public release (Free Shipping) ($39 Value)  

Complimentary 'Thank You' Letter + Name Credit on Donors Tab on So Kute Creations's Facebook, Twitter, Site, and Deviant Art + your choice of THREE (3) Acrylic Accessory prior to public release + ONE (1) Hair Clip of your choice (Free Shipping) ($54 Value)

OPTION F ($50+ DONATED):Complimentary 'Thank You' Letter + Name Credit on Donors Tab on So Kute Creations's Facebook, Twitter, SoKuteCreation Website, and Deviant Art + your choice of THREE (3) Acrylic Accessory prior to public release + ONE (1) Hair Clip of your choice (Free Shipping) + A Thank You Video on Youtube + $10 So Kute Creations Gift Code for Etsy. ($64 Value)


NOTE: 'Thank You' Letters are all written personally by the designer (me) and written differently every donator will have a different thank you message written in their letter. The letters also get a spritz of one of my favorite scents from Bath & Body Works.
Please be patient since I would be putting in a mass order to the production facility and would be waiting for the mass order to arrive. I will send you all individual e-mails stating when I received the acrylics and will also send another e-mail stating when I mailed out the products. When you place a donation please list your name and e-mail address so that I have a way of contacting you :)
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First off I gotta say that connecting my domain name with weebly is becoming a pain in the buttocks. Gotta call me tech-guys to fix this XD

Anyways! I'm still designing my acrylics and working full-time. I recently did a fashion show for DollDelight. You can find a few pics on my Page . Yes I have a page and yes it's weird to have to do that, but I had nearly 800 friends on my not so private fb acct and it got to the point where the creepers wants to get personal and I wasn't cool with that. Please like the "Risu Kim" page. I set it up so it's kinda like a typical acct but not so personal and more business ish. Doing some prep work for the re-launch of Japanese American band "Lolita Dark" still finalizing tons of stuff, but for now just start getting excited!

OK! So SKC! Like I said the domain/weebly thing will be fixed, but it's the same site as before.
If you follow this link it has a break down of what donated $ will be going towards… for more details.

All you gotta do is send an e-mail of interest. Until further notice :)

Thank you in advanced
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You heard it right! ^^

Kawaii Goods & DollDelight have given me the super rad opportunity to model their products for their fashion shows! ^^
DollDelight has a Japanese-style Fashion Show presenting her amazing lolita designs at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Monterey Park on Saturday April 21st, 2012.

Cyril Lumboy will also be selling dresses and accessories for that day only from 11AM-6:30PM. Her table will be located next to the Pacific Media Expo Table.

This event is free! Free Admission, Free Parking.
The fashion show is from 1:15PM-2PM

Cherry Blossom Festival
Barnes Park
350 S. McPherrin Ave, Monterey Park, CA
You can find more information on Monterey Park's site:
Cherry Blossom Page   
FB Event Page

Visit DollDelight's Page here!

Kawaii Goods will have a Fairy Kei-style Fashion show at the RAW:Artist event called Menagerie.
This is a 21+ Special Event where people dress in fashionable attire.
April 26th, 2012 from 6:30PM-10PM
Sevilla Long Beach
140 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA

Like I said before it's 21+ and it's a fashion event so please dress fashionably. Tickets are currently $10 via presale, but they will be $15 at the door.
You can purchase your tickets online at:
Purchase Tix Here
FB Event Page

Visit Kawaii Good's Page here!

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24 Hrs at Disneyland!! But no I'm not going from 6am -6am lol.
I'll be out in the theme park around 10pm XD I'll leave around 5am since I have a test at school XP

Sadly I have more classes I need to take than I thought :( Oh well.

Perhaps I see you!
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One of my friends has written a play which she has entered for the Fringe Fest, but to be able for it to make it she needs $1000 with only 30 days to do it!!
Now you can go to the website below:…

You can pledge 1$! That's it! You get a lil gift, but the more you pledge the more gifts you recieve and the feeling that you helped someone achieve their dream! Corny I know, but fellow artists let help another one out

Now if you pledge 5$ minimum, message me and I'll comp a print! Size: 8x10 Medium: Pencil drawing of anything you'd like!!
$20 gets you a commission sketch!!

Original Post:…

NOTE FROM RISU: Alyssa does an amazing job!! She has done quite the extraordinary job on a commission I purchased.
This is going to a production that Alyssa and I LOVE!!  watch the video on the facebook page and donate!!
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First off good news~

So Kute Creations (SKC) has been running for over a year now and we are having a sale to show our love!!

on Etsy and the Site we are doing a 30% discount for a limited time only!!
Enter "Sweet2012" at checkout (More products available)…

Now as you may know by now, Rayko (Lead singer of Dig Jelly and Lolita Dark) recently suffered a debilitating back injury and has slowly been recuperating thanks to friends, family and the DRX 900 spinal decompression program treatments.

The severity of her injury prevents her working and even performing her daily tasks without assistance.

We have created a support page on to help Rayko with the rising costs of her medical treatments. Please spread the word and let Rayko know that we've got her back!…

She has worked so hard in life to have to suffer this way so even the smallest bit of love and support means the world to her.

If you want to know a bit more about her, I wrote a blog (very much biased and thankful) to her. Please read.…
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LOL Once again the year leads to a lookback on my life and what I want to do.

...I might wanna make a list of things I want to do and the year after I will re-add the list and cross out the ones that I've been successful in. :)

  • Being 5' I want to be the healthy weight of 100lbs, currently 120...wish me luck XD
  • I want to have a booth in an Artist Alley
  • I want to produce a collection of acrylic accessories
  • I want to sing, post vids on youtube, make a demo album
  • I want to have a modeling portfolio with 5 photographers, totalling in 40-100 pics
  • I want to love myself for who I am as a person
  • I want to get my Associates Degree
  • I want a total of 5 new cosplays
  • I want to move out of my parent's home, be a responsible and independent person
  • I want to understand the different types of 'love' and learn how to express them
  • Most of All: I want to be happy

wowzers! Wish me luck! :D
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Who else is as excited as I am?! It's been a long journey to plan this so I hope everyone enjoys their evening and dress up!

Traci Hines and Lisa Fabio doing MUSICAL PERFORMANCES!! If you haven't heard them (which is silly if you haven't) check out True Enchantment's Youtube Page. It also has other princesses singing but they are cooler (my opinion thus far)

Also Disney KARAOKE!!! Woot Woot!!

Starting the evening off with a showing of Steamboat Willie and in between all the karaoke and music there will be Pixar shorts and other Mickey mouse shorts.

If you have purchased your tickets (recommend doing it before 11pm PST for cheaper tickets) please bring your ID at registration so we can give you your complimentary raffle ticket (additional tickets can be purchased for $1 each) and two (2) beverage vouchers.

There will be a photo backdrop by registration so you can take your picture in the beginning of the evening! After the event we have professional photographers replacing the background with the imageprovided byExplicitStudios or this image from Kieran Thorp.

If you haven't bought your ticket (shame on you) purchase yours TONIGHT before 11pm PST at

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Hey guys,

I've been planning a non-official Disney event
Sunday January 15th
5pm-10pm PST
Los Angeles, CA

You should come! I've got Traci Hines performing, Disney Karaoke up for grabs, few vendors selling cute merch & disney fan products, raffle, and a costume contest with cool prizes.
Tell everyone you know about it. :) for more details!

20% off tix until 1/10 11:55pm PST
10% off tix until 1/14 11:55pm PST
$15 at the door…
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To be thankful for what you have.

It may not be much, it may not be the greatest, but it's the best thing you'll ever have lol

just kidding

This is the holiday season where we show our love for one another. In this economy the least we can do is send a Holiday Card to a few friends and family expressing your gratitude and love for them.

What makes me feel like I did the right thing is when they respond to it with love in return. It's not something that we get too often, but it's highly encouraged and it (at least for me) makes my day. :)

I won't name names but I sent a card to one of my dearest friends who isn't doing very well with health and today I received this message on Facebook:

"Merry Christmas sweetpea!! Your card made me cry... You always write such great things that melts my heart! and the way you do is so beautiful! You actually really are talented in that Steph! You should start writing poetry, songs, even a book :) I love you and Kier so very much! Have a wonderful day :) xox"

I sent her love and in return I received love. :)

A true friend would understand your situation if you can't give a physical gift and wouldn't shoot you down if all you gave them was a card with words of love.

I will just say this, for those of you who have Favorited any of my posts and commented with compliments, thank you so much for the positive/negative feedback and following me. I'm not one who receives compliments on a daily basis so when I get messages I feel blessed and grateful. I'm someone who was never called "Beautiful" until my senior prom. so the smallest compliments are always hard to grasp ;P

ANYWAYS!! i will try to not blab on and on and on

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Joyeux Kwanzaa
Happy Holidays!!

May you all receive peace, love, and joy this holiday season as well as share it amongst yourselves.
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There have been MAJOR CHANGES to the event!!

It was originally going to be a cosplay gathering for the Disney cosplayers, but why not make an event for all Disney fans?
It's "A Night of Disney" featuring musical performances by Youtube Sensation Traci Hines
There will be vendors, there will be music, there will be special guests and a costume contest!


Event is SET for Sunday January 15th 2012 from 5pm-10pm at Royal-T (Culver City)

If you (or anyone you know) would be interested and want to get updates as soon as we have any PLEASE SEND ME A NOTE OR E-MAIL  ( SUBJECT LINE: "Night of Disney"

I think this would be a great opportunity for people to see some amazing talent, costumes, and guests!!
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